So… what is this?

So… this isn’t a food blog (although I do love eating out and do quite a bit of it); it isn’t a travel blog (although in my past life I did do A LOT of travel, but that has now stopped); it isn’t a gay blog (although I am gay, and the name of the blog was born out me being gay and starting the process of being my true self); it isn’t a friend blog (because, quite honestly, I don’t have a lot of those right now.) So what is it? I need to start writing on a daily basis, and I think the blog will find itself. Because I am all of those things- food, travel, gay, friends, life in SoCal.

Since my last post… Life has changed completely. I’ve moved to California- which actually took place exactly one year ago from the day of this post. In that year I’ve become an executive in my company (although I am still trying to really find the perks in that), I’ve been in and out of a relationship (something that made me very happy ended up making me very sad); I’ve bought and sold a house (because of the move).

For today, because it is a happier subject, let’s focus on travel. Although my level and frequency of travel has completely changed in the last year (a very welcome change, I might add) I have spent the day looking for a house to rent in Sonoma/Wine Country in October with friends. There are so many options, search engines, etc. how does one even begin to narrow down the search? I’ve chosen to as I’ve had friends reccomend it. The good part is the search features. You can very quickly narrow down your search given the criteria they give you. We have some wonderful options- more money than I know we were hoping to spend, but that’s OK… If it’s the right place, it will be worth it.

These friends are the same ones that were the subject of my original posts from Italy. Appropriate that our last trip was Italy, the next trip is wine country!

For future topics: Moving, dating, eating, trying to lose weight, friends visiting… lots of stuff to capture. Now the question is will I do it?

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